quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

#9 Cinco coisas que nos fazem bem

1. Take it all in:
When the failure happens accept it. How you react in the moment to what has happened, big or small, it can be the very thing that can make the biggest difference in how this situation will affect you from here on out. When things don’t go as planned accept that it hasn’t, have a good hysterical moment, and then make a cocktail simply to take the edge off.
2. Ask why:
Once you have come off the ledge begin to reflect on why things went wrong. Maybe things were not in your favor or maybe you royally effed up. Whatever it may be, it is important to ask where it went wrong and why it didn’t happen as expected.
3. Make the change:
Once you have come to terms with the fact you failed and why you failed. It is important to immediately ask how you can change to make things better next time. Decide that maybe you didn’t set a good enough timeline or set hard enough deadlines, maybe you didn’t communicate expectations, or maybe you really had not given it all you should have. Whatever it may be, find the change you need to make and choose how you can make sure it does not happen again. Once again, failing is not bad, but failing the same way is.
4. Find the silver lining:
Within every failure, there is a lesson. The kind of lesson that down the road will keep you from falling victim again to failing in a similar way. Know that failures can be definers for directions in life and they can be the place where we discover strength and even weaknesses that help define us better. Don’t discount a failure no matter the size or the weight, there is always a beautiful lesson to be learned.
5. Allow Grace:
Accept your imperfections and embrace them as things that make you who you are. No one is perfect, we all know that, so offering up grace to yourself and allowing yourself peace is important. Being hard on yourself is okay, but realizing you are human is also necessary.
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